Boxwood Hospitality exists to create exceptional experiences in boutique environments.


We know more than anyone an incredible hospitality experience doesn’t just happen. It’s the reason we build extraordinary spaces, plan and manage beautiful venues, and help others bring their unique visions to reality. Whether you are planning an event, considering a project, or outsourcing your management, Boxwood has a global understanding of the hospitality industry and the team to help you succeed.


Your incredible space. Our established processes and team.


Hosting an extraordinary event is difficult, but the Boxwood team makes it easy. Whether it be a focus on other product lines or simply a desire to outsource events, our experience in marketing, selling, and servicing boutique experiences ensures your unique brand and space will be managed with incredible respect and returns.


Spectacular spaces. On time. On budget.


The Boxwood team features over twenty years of development experience throughout North Texas with backgrounds in retail, industrial, and boutique hospitality. Whether your group needs something as small as construction administration, or would prefer to partner on large-scale hospitality projects, our development team has the experience and knowledge to help make your space as beautiful and efficient as possible.



Initial ideas. Finished projects. And the knowledge to succeed throughout the journey.


Some of the projects we assist with are dreams that have yet to make it to paper. Some are centuries-old buildings that need to be reimagined. And others are somewhere in between. Large or small, we help people turn their beautiful spaces and ideas into boutique opportunities that provide real returns.